About Us

About Us

An Experienced, Enthusiastic, Dedicated, and Professional Team for Every Wedding Planning Task!

We love weddings and we let it show. We organise them with class, style, care, and a flair for bringing the uniqueness out of each and every one. Our track record of happy customers and truly marvelous wedding celebrations stands for itself - and we are always hungry for more!

If you pick Dubai or Abu Dhabi for your special day, you have to do the popular destination justice. We are your reliable luxury wedding planner team who will elevate your experience. Join our list of happy customers from around the world and put your faith in us! We take the stress and guesswork out of the planning and execution of your event and deliver the dream wedding you deserve!

Wedding Planner Dubai


Planning & Execution

As our name suggests, planning weddings is our bread and butter. We live and breathe creative ceremonies and unique celebrations, and we feed off our clients' fantasy and creativity. With many successful events to our name, we are always looking for new opportunities to push the envelope and create one of a kind weddings which celebrate and solidify the love of two people and their families and friends. 

There is a misconception about weddings as trying affairs which will make you lose your sleep and will give you endless jitters. Not on our watch! For you, we take the guesswork, stress, and anxiety out of the planning and execution process. Once we have agreed on a common vision and hashed out all the details which are important to you, we will take over and implement what we have discussed so painstakingly that, come wedding day, you might catch yourself pinching your leg in awe of how your dream wedding is unfolding before your very eyes. 

Thanks to dialogue, creativity, and expertise, we have made it our business to build dreams. Entrust us with yours and watch it come true!

Venue Selection & Hire

If you have set your sights on wedding venues Dubai or Abu Dhabi side, you are probably thinking outdoors: beaches with impossibly white sand and sprawling bays where the waves gently reach out to your altar, as if to offer Nature's blessing to your union. We can certainly arrange that, but we also have many more tricks up our sleeve. Classy five-star hotels come with their own private beaches, lawn areas, and pools. They thus offer a fantastic opportunity to combine the in- and outdoors for a varied and comprehensive celebration, which you can tailor to your specific liking. 

For the more adventurous minds, we have a network of desert resorts which offer unique luxury quite literally in the middle of nowhere - a veritable oasis wedding which will quench your guests' thirst for adventure and fun all at once! For larger-than-life ceremonies of over 1,000 guests, we have convention-sized wedding venues Dubai like the World Trade Centre, so dare to dream big!

Catering Food & Beverages

Wedding catering is an art whose many styles we have mastered. We know very well that wedding guests judge a wedding's success with their eyes and ears, but most of all with their palates. Therefore, we take the utmost care to plan and deliver nothing short of magical feasts to each client's exact specifications. We will work with you to create a menu that best matches your theme and venue and delivers a unique culinary experience to each of your treasured guests. 

The Emirates are a melting pot for many different cultures and celebrate diversity. We will put that openness and cultural fusion on a plate for you. Whatever your heart and taste buds desire, we know how to deliver it to you in luxury, style, and the highest quality which your special day requires. 

Theme & Event

You can make your Emirates wedding even more special with a special theme. Embrace the locale with One Thousand and One Nights or bring the magical world of The Wizard of Oz to the desert - anything goes! Together, we will develop your vision and build up the concept and theme for your celebration. If you do not have a concrete idea in mind but still want to give your event a special character, we will put on our thinking caps and offer you a range of options, which we feel match your personality and your wedding's cultural, religious, and logistical features. 

Apart from unique themes, we can also enhance your experience with special events interspersed throughout your big day. These can be traditional local or they can be inspired from your home country's culture and customs. You decide and we make it happen! 

Wedding Cakes

The centrepiece of every wedding reception, undoubtedly, is the cake. Wedding cakes Dubai side are as lavish and expansive as the city and the Emirates themselves. Our team has particular expertise in this department and will consult you on every aspect of your wedding cake, so it is irresistible to the eye and heavenly delicious on the tongue. From top to bottom, we will help you assemble a cake that represents you and your love to every guest and with every bite. 

For your wedding cake consultation, we are ready to go wherever you want to go. If you have a specific vision for your delectable wedding reception coda, our team has all the right connections to make it happen. If you are out to break some conventions and opt for individual mini-cakes for each patron, we have just the patisserie that will do the job. For a classic cake centrepiece, just pick the flavour and the decoration. Whatever your vision, our wedding cakes Dubai specialists will bake and frost it for you!

Decor & Design

We know you have a vision of a perfect wedding in your head, and every centrepiece, every flower petal and every tablecloth are so impeccably aligned that it is simply heaven. It is our promise to you to bring this heaven down on earth for your special day! Our decoration and design team has the capacity to make even the pickiest and most particular bride happy. We are as detail-oriented and motivated as you when it comes to conjuring up the perfect setting for your wedding celebrations. From place settings to standing and hanging decor, to curtains, drapes, flower arrangements, and every other visual element, our decorators will apply all their skill and expertise to take that perfect vision out of your mind and spread it all over the exquisite venue you have chosen. 

Graphic Design & Card Design

As specialists in visual communication and graphic design, we place special importance on all the printed materials which will accompany your wedding. They are the items which your guests are most likely to hold on to, so we want to make sure the tone and message they disseminate are in tune with the event we have so painstakingly planned. Starting with the invitations, which spark the guests' imagination and excitement, and moving on to the menus and seating cards, which accompany your guests throughout the reception, we will create a stunning and unique graphic design concept for you and entrust the fine-tuning and production of your print materials to our leading graphic design partners in Dubai. 

Photos & Filming

We only work with the best wedding photographers and videographers Dubai and Abu Dhabi have to offer because we know that capturing your special day faithfully and thoroughly is essential. When we sit together to discuss your wishes, we will spoil you for choice of conservative or avant-garde professionals. Special photo booths in sync with your desired wedding theme, a special creative photo shoot, trashing the dress, a livestream, and 3-D video recording are just a few ideas off the top of our head. We want our common vision and its flawless execution to be covered in as much detail as possible, and our top-of-the-line wedding photographers and videographers are there with cameras at the ready. Don't forget to smile!


The beautiful vows have made your guests tear up a little, the exquisite food and beverages are still dancing on their tastebuds - now what? Every memorable wedding comes with special entertainment that lets the party transition from the tables to the dance floor. As part of our wedding planning, we will offer you appropriate entertainment packages that will harmonise with your theme and concept perfectly. We also leave enough room for your input and ideas here, as always - if you are blessed with talented friends or are a performer yourself, we will be thrilled to accommodate that in the program. Otherwise you will have a wide choice of local or foreign musicians, dancers, DJs, and other entertainers to make your day that much more special. 


We pride ourselves in our smart and transparent budgeting, a cornerstone of every successful wedding. From the very beginning we put your ideas and wishes into tangible numbers and vow to give you the best value for money you can find here. Even a conservative concept runs up an items list the size of a phonebook - but this is not for you to worry about! Our specialists monitor the budget and keep you updated on how it evolves in real time. We vow to make the budget we have agreed upon go as far as possible without ever compromising on any aspect of your special day. Every step of the way, you will have a transparent and up-to-date breakdown of the costs - and we will make it all count!

Wedding Car Hire

Getting to and from your wedding in style is an important detail which we would never dare overlook. We will transport you with the best wedding car hire Dubai and Abu Dhabi have on offer, and we can accommodate any and all your special vehicular requests. Whether you are after a high-end limousine or the latest from the world's leading automakers, we are happy to oblige. If your theme presupposes a special kind of car - say, an Oldsmobile or even the Batmobile - our wedding car hire Dubai professionals will get it for you, complete with an experienced driver. Ride into matrimonial bliss in perfect style and comfort with us!

Guest Transportation

A destination wedding in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is no small logistical feat. As with all other aspects of your celebration, we are here to help with guest transportation from and back to any point around the world. After we organise your guests' arrival, we also support them on the ground with dedicated shuttles or, if desired, car hire to give them more freedom. Even the most perfectly planned wedding is nothing without the people who breathe life and joy into it, and we make sure everyone is there on time and travels in comfort and style.