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UAE Wedding Planners

Looking for Professional Wedding Planners in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to Make Your Big Day Unique? Let Us Dazzle You!

Wedding Planner Dubai

Planning & Execution

As our name suggests, planning weddings is our bread and butter.

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Wedding catering is an art whose many styles we have mastered.

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Wedding Car Hire

Getting to and from your wedding in style is an important detail which we would never dare overlook.

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Venue Selection

If you have set your sights on wedding venues Dubai or Abu Dhabi side, you are probably thinking outdoors.

Wedding Company Dubai

Guest Transportation

A destination wedding in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is no small logistical feat.

Wedding Catering Dubai

Theme & Event

You can make your Emirates wedding even more special with a special theme.

Wedding Car Hire Dubai

Wedding Cakes

The centrepiece of every wedding reception, undoubtedly, is the cake.

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The beautiful vows have made your guests tear up a little, the exquisite food and beverages are still dancing on their tastebuds - now what?

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Photos & Filming

We only work with the best wedding photographers and videographers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Wedding Planning Company Dubai

Graphic & Card Design

As specialists in visual communication and graphic design, we place special importance on all the printed materials which will accompany your wedding.

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We pride ourselves in our smart and transparent budgeting, a cornerstone of every successful wedding.

Wedding Cake Dubai


As our name suggests, planning weddings is our bread and butter.