Arabic Weddings

An Arabic wedding is as jubilant as it is complex. Whether you are attending, participating, or planning to make your own vows in this rich tradition, you are in for a special treat. Let us take you through the ceremonials and guide you through the steps of affirming your love and commitment the Arabic way! Although customs and strictness may vary slightly across the Arab world, the core elements of every Arabic wedding are the proposal, the formal engagement, the Henna Night, and the legal marriage followed by the characteristically loud, wild, and thoroughly joyful reception and party. Our dedicated team of specialist planners know all the intricacies of the intimate family and close-friends gathering to celebrate the engagement, the beautiful familial unification as the two sides mix henna together on Henna Night a couple of days before the wedding ceremony, the logistics of getting the legal details right, and finally the perfect reception and party the whole night through. If you are looking for wedding planning Dubai or wedding planning Abu Dhabi in order to throw an authentic, unforgettable, luxuriant wedding according to the dearest and best Arabic traditions, we are the local experts who will plan it all for you and make that dream come true!

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Indian Weddings

An Indian wedding is unique in its cultural richness and significance beyond the bride and groom: apart from celebrating the union of two people, it also signifies the merging of two families and carries rather high stakes. The choice of venue, the scope of the event, the catering, and the wedding planning agency all add up to represent the two families' status, worth, and satisfaction with the marriage partnership. We are well versed in the particulars of elaborate Indian weddings and have organised a number of celebrations to the two families' specific wishes, honouring treasured traditions while simultaneously creating unique and memorable events each time. A traditional Hindu wedding ceremony goes through a number of obligatory stages which celebrate love, ward off evil, invite Lord Ganesha to remove all obstacles in the couple's way and protect their union, and gain the blessing of the planets. Finally, the bride and groom will unite under the Mandap, a canopy held up by four poles, which stand for the couple's parents. After the vows are exchanged, the reception and party kick off where the many guests in brightly coloured traditional wear celebrate till late. We are your experienced and creative wedding planners Abu Dhabi and Dubai who will make your Indian wedding a bright display of lasting love.

Western Weddings

Having a Western-style wedding amid the luxury and lavishness of the Emirates is an infinitely appealing prospect. Weddings Dubai or weddings Abu Dhabi offer a fantastic opportunity to highlight the particular Western traditions the bride and groom hold dear and bring out their uniqueness even more against the enchanting Middle-Eastern backdrop. We have all the local expertise and connections necessary to put together a true-to-form wedding celebration according to a variety of European or Anglo-Saxon customs you may wish to incorporate into your special day. Our seasoned wedding planning staff will talk it all with you and make sure everything is perfect on the big day. Having a Western-style destination wedding in the Emirates takes careful planning, but the outcome is always a unique amalgamation of European traditions and Arabic vibes. The relative freedom and looseness of the Western ritual leaves a lot of playroom to create a truly one-off event, and we are here to help you turn your plan and vision into a smooth-running event that will demonstrate the special character of your bond and start off your lifelong union right. As the most dedicated and professional wedding service Dubai or Abu Dhabi, we invite you to stage your Western dream wedding with us!